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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Flowery fruit for the fruity flower-adilah

Tq dear
tht all that i could say
Tq 4 come to my life as im brought to living by the God almighty
Tq for being the sun as light up my life sky
Tq for be the ears thts hear me cry
And tobe cheereer as my time going wild

Dear oh dear
İs the name to hear
Ur r soo pretty as an angle visit my mind
Ur so cute as i want pet u everytime

My dear adilah
Ur the girl tht chenged my style
As ur keep calm as im turning wild
And ur a laugh back form my cry
Until i die i may keep u by

Tq my lovely u
Making me as im high
As walking together passing by
And be the man tht walk up , up to the sky

U tell me
As my romance was faded away
Coz ist enough time to be the lovely paste
As im in bed only u tht in my mind
U make my dream a fairy tale
As the live happily ever after always at the end life of mine


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