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Friday, February 17, 2012

selamat ulangtahun ke-2

salam mr bloggi n kalian2 yg dikasihi

harini 17 feb 2012 genap 2 tahun perkenalan ngn salah seorg insan tersayang cik siti nur adilah bt safiee


dah 2 thn rupenye ye

walau umo cik dila bru je fom 1


bby smlm kite byk mengarut sampai 2 jam kite sembang

kite luahkan perasaan memasing

n kite bertuka2 impian akn datang


i love u more n more frm day to dayy


tq 4 appear to my life
n thanks to ALLAH to give me chance to know u
and to be with u
go get u
n to get u back

u know...

ur the girl that stole my heart n never want to give up to keep it with all ur heart
i love u who ever you are
the way u look
n the person inside u

i love your kids act
thts for me kind acute
n cuddling

there is no real reason 4 me to fall in love with you

just a feeling that appear to me when i didnt notice it comming

igt lagi
pade hari ini 2 tahun yg lalu
pembuka perkenalan kite??
'salam awk
cantik cicncin di jari...
ade ape2 meaning ke?'

a simple word taht bond us together until now
and i always pray that we will be together until we reach heaven...

u remember
you are the one that text me first
ask for my number
coz i know
the pretty girl like you will not surrender their number easily to the unknown guy
and also to a women

the way u get mad
and the way u say you are mad
is one of the thing tht make my heart always love you
coz u kind a cute whn you are angry
thts y i love to make you mad
although i know i wil be suffering my ears and
times to hear for your lecture
but i know that i love it much
u say all the word as you are singing and whisper to my ears before we sleep

i love whn you happy
n i love you whn you smile
coz the world shine brighter the day you smile to the world

sy pon nk ucapkan tahniah for you to get a good result
  for your first sem awk dapa 3.25
n saye dapat 2,52

terok abis
tp nasib baik xde paper yg sangkut


next sem kite dah janji utk buat lg terbaik rite


today(17 feb)

awk akn balik ke melake
n hope you n family will have a safe journey...

miss u alot...

n love you more....

salam my mucuk2

~~hubby amy~~

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