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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

ice breaker..


dear mr bloggie..
alhamdulillah ptg td done 1st project 4 toastmasters....
it's called "ice breaker"...

this is my presentation yg cik nk share ngan kengkawan..
but i made it clear n straight to the points...

            Assalamualaikum and good evening. today i would like to share a little bit about me. hope after this presentation all of u will know something about me. My name is siti nur adilah bt safiee. Just call me dila. I’m 22 years old.I was born on 19th july at kuala lumpur but now i’m living in kulim,kedah. i have 6 sibling & I’m the youngest, all of them already married and i have 9 nephew. The eldest already 15 years old and the youngest just 5 month if i'm not mistaken. Alhamdulillah I’m now engage to my best friend. 
For 22 years I’ve been raised by a king named safiee abd hamid. He is an ex-army who retired as a major. He always told me that it’s never mind if u fail because i know u’ve try your best. My father is my superhero, my inspired & for sure he is the first man who i fall in love with. Standing on his side was a queen, which is my beloved mother. Full time housewife, my mother is the loveliest ladies in the world that I’ve known. Since i'm in a primary school, my parent always accompany me when i got my exam result start from UPSR, PMR, SPM n STPM. They also sent me to school everyday even though i'm already 19.
As i am the youngest, my mother never let me stay away from her sight. After completing my secondary school, my parent asks me to continue my study at form 6. For them, i'm still their little daughter. After finishing my school, i’ve got an offer to further my study at upnm. Now i almost completing my degree in human resource management in defence. There, I met two sweet girl named rohayu bt roslan n nur munirah bt ahmad. We are so closed just like what u can see now.We are roomate and also a classmate. Our friendship anniversary was on 6th september, so today it already has been 2 years n 12 days we has been friend. We enjoy doing everything, playing golf, futsal, dance,archery and also shopping. We call it girls hang out. Which mean the activity where's boyfriend are not allowed.

I am a part time blogger, I keep it as my diary. And also I have an online business handle by my mom since I’m intern now.  I love to cook but I’m not the good chef. I have a cat called namie, a cute n super adorable cat. She’s fat but not obesity yet. She’s act like a dog where she will hold a ball using her mouth n also play hide n seek. But she never make any weird sound like a dog and also didn't make meow sound. So, i'm not sure what she is really.hehe..

For those who didn’t know me, they probably think I'm an arrogant and quite. But, my friends know who I am. I’m a kind of talkative person actually. I like myself so much. I like to make a new friend but i didn't know how to start it and i like to share any knowledge with everybody and learn from everybody. So, if I made a mistake just make me right.

As a conclusion, that’s a little bit things about me that I want to share with all of you today. Hope you can give me a guide while I’m here.There is a quotes that i keep for my self to motivate me, that is “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”. “I learned that courage was not the absence the fear, but the triumph over it”. 

Thats all, thank you.

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