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Monday, March 2, 2015

24 weeks bby in my womb


Dear mr bloggie...
This week baby already 24 weeks in my womb..
Which means usia baby da pun 6 bln..
Alhamdulillah last week me n my hubby dpt buat 3D scan..
N for the first time hubby dpt tgk our little prince..
Maka bermula la episod soal menyoal oleh hubby kpd doktor yg consult..
Thank god doktor pun lynkan je soalan hubby tu..
Almaklum la..
First time he saw those little finger,leg n his little prince face...

Baby now become more active..
But sometimes dia mcm tau je ibu dia x larat..
So dia behave je...
N my weight gain extremely..
Sebln naik 5kg kot...
But since my body ni kecik cam bdk skola..
Xde la nmpk sgt kan..
N selera mkn pun da semakin bertambah..

So, here is some tips for mommies to be out there..
Stop worrying when u get ur morning sickness on the earliest stage...
It will totally stop when i reach a second trimester of pregnancy..
But some mommy maybe get the morning sickness till last trimester..

Okey dear,
Got to go...
Mommies, take care of ur pregnancy,ur health n always take care of ur baby...

With love,

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